STRATEGEIN is a free, independent, peer-reviewed publication with interdisciplinary approach, primarily interested in strategy, perceiving it as a bridge connecting the aims of politics with military means. Its interest comprises the discourse on strategy at every level and dimension, yet at the vertical dimension it focuses on the space ranging from military strategy to the operational level. With respect to the horizontal dimension, the journal’s subject matter comprises the most interesting issues of strategic theory and the conduct of war. Furthermore, the journal also encourages discourses on the nature of war and the changes in its character, aiming at its better understanding. It is primarily after the exchange of views and ideas regarding the theory, as well as the implementation of military strategy.

The journal aspires to function as a tribune of dialogue and free exchange of views concerning the subjects of war and strategy, bringing together in the field perspectives from scholars and practitioners alike. This duality is reflected on our Editorial Board, consisting of accomplished practitioners as well as distinguished academics. Even though the thematic interest has no geographic restriction, issues of Greek interest have priority.

STRATEGEIN is aimed at the academic community, the researchers and analysts who engage in defense, war and conflict issues. At the same time, it wishes to be attractive and beneficial to those who are employed within and otherwise concern themselves in any way with the defense sector. Lastly, it is also aimed at the general public, namely all those who are interested in war and strategic affairs.

The journal is bi-annual published twice a year.

STRATEGEIN appears exclusively in electronic form in the Greek language but it can accept articles in English as well. Normally the abstracts of each issue will be published in English.

The access to the journal is free requiring just registration in the webpage which is quick and simple.